Pusser's Rum Yachting Decanter

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This Decanter pays tribute to the magnificent sport of modern yacht racing, which had its beginnings in the 1600 's. Many consider that the first recorded yacht race took place under King Charles II on September 6, 1662 on a race out of Greenwich, England. Since then, modern yachts and rigs have evolved from the heavier, cumbersome vessels of those early days to the sleek, greyhounds of the seas of today.

The major design around the base of the decanter depicts most all of the modern rigs that are sailing today, including the popular one-design classes. The original art was commissioned by Pusser 's and painted by Antony Blake of New Zealand. Mr. Blake is recognized as one of the world 's foremost marine artists.

The large, hand-cast ceramic stopper has a countersunk center into which a colorful PUSSER 'S NAVY RUM life ring logo has been placed. The stopper 's edges are trimmed in gold, and frame the flag signal for 'Splice the Main Brace! ' which is also repeated in written script. The Killick 's Fouled Anchor, the official anchor of the Royal Navy, is repeated in gold on the decanter 's neck.

Pusser's Rum Yachting Decanter