50th Anniversary Black Tot Day Blend (Limited Edition)

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To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of this historic event, Pusser’s Rum LTD proudly introduces its Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Rum, a special combination of aged Trinidad and Guyana rums blended at 54.5% ABV (109 Proof) and to the exact specification used by the Admiralty when it discontinued the issue.  The Rum is a product of five stills, three in Guyana and two in Trinidad. The award-winning taste of this blend is heavily influenced by distillate from the vintage Greenheart double wooden pot still originally constructed at the Port Mourant Estate which was first placed in service in 1732.

The taste is a touch of what has become known as “classic Demerara” with a warm mix of rich molasses and sweet brown sugar,  and a complex blend of the island spices of nutmeg, clove, and cassia mingled with notes of sultanas, prunes, and exotic tropical fruits. The Anniversary Blend ends with a finish of soft oak, toasty caramel, and the crowd-pleasing taste of buttery, melt-in-your-mouth English toffee. Master Distillers call it a “perfect balance.”

50th Anniversary Black Tot Day Blend (Limited Edition)