National Painkiller Day

national painkiller day - celebrated around the globe on april 15th

If you're a fan of tropical cocktails, you may want to mark April 15th on your calendar as National Painkiller Day. This holiday celebrates the iconic Pusser's Rum Painkiller cocktail, which is a popular choice at beach bars and resorts around the world.
The Painkiller cocktail is made with four simple ingredients: Pusser's Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and cream of coconut. The drink is typically served over ice and garnished with grated nutmeg.

The origins of the Painkiller cocktail can be traced back to the British Virgin Islands, where it was first created in the 1970s. The cocktail gained popularity quickly and is now a staple in bars and restaurants across the Caribbean and beyond.
National Painkiller Day is celebrated on April 15th each year in honor of this beloved cocktail. The day is an opportunity for rum enthusiasts and cocktail lovers to come together and enjoy the delicious tropical flavors of the Painkiller cocktail.
To celebrate National Painkiller Day, many bars and restaurants around the world offer specials on Painkiller cocktails, and some even hold events and parties in honor of the holiday. If you're not able to make it to a bar, you can always make your own Painkiller at home with a bottle of Pusser's Rum and some basic ingredients.

In addition to enjoying the cocktail itself, National Painkiller Day is also a chance to learn more about the history of Pusser's Rum and its ties to the British Royal Navy. Pusser's Rum is rooted in the 1700's and was a favorite among British sailors, who were given a daily ration of rum as part of their pay. The rum was later discontinued, but the recipe was revived in the 1970s by Pusser's founder, Charles Tobias, and Pusser's Navy Rum was born.

Whether you are a seasoned rum drinker or a newcomer to the world of cocktails, the Pusser's Rum Painkiller is a drink that is sure to please. So why not raise a glass on National Painkiller Day and join in the celebration of this beloved Caribbean cocktail? Cheers!


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