Pusser’s Rum Aged 15 Years wins Double Gold at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Pusser’s Rum is proud to announce that its 15 Year Old rum just earned the coveted Double Gold Medal at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the aged rum category. “This distinctive award endorses our own claim that it’s the ‘Crown Jewel” of aged rums and unequivocally the best in the world,” says President and CEO, Gary Rogalski.  

The SFWSC consists of four days of controlled blind tastings. Judges do not receive any information on producer or price point, ensuring each spirit is judged fairly, equally and without bias. While tasting, judges evaluate each product on an individual basis and determine which entries are worthy of a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal. Double Gold Medals are only awarded to the entries that receive a Gold medal rating by all members of the judging panel.

The Pusser’s Aged 15 adds the SFWSC Double Gold Medal to a long list of other accolades, including the World’s Best Pot and Column Still Rum which it earned at the 2019 World Rum Awards sponsored by the Spirits Business in London.

Deemed “The Single Malt of Rum” by Forbes Magazine, Pusser’s Aged 15 is produced in small batches. The rum originates from stills located in Guyana’s Demerara Valley. The blend is heavily influenced by rum from vintage wooden pot stills – the signature of the Royal Navy. Constructed in the early 1700s, these historic “vat” stills produce flavors unmatched by modern metal column stills. The rum is then Caribbean aged for 15 years in once used charred bourbon barrels. Most other major rum brands add flavoring and sugar to make their products smoother and to give them body. By contrast, Pusser’s uses no flavoring agents or sugar. It is all natural.

Pusser’s Aged 15 Years Tasting Notes

Color: Dark Amber
Nose: Classic Demerara Sugar, Molasses Dried Fruits, Island Spices and Caramel
Body: Full and round, ideal for sipping
Finish: Warm, smooth, long and memorable


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