Gunpowder Proof Spiced

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Prior to the introduction of the Sikes Hydrometer, in 1816, the ship 's Purser, or 'Pusser ', tested the strength of the daily issue by mixing neat rum, with a little water, to which was added a few gunpowder grains. When the mixture was heated through a burning glass, the gunpowder ignited, and the rum was served at that strength. When the method was tested by hydrometer, it was found to be 109% proof {54.5% ABV}. Consequently, the Pusser 's rum remained at 'Gunpowder ' strength, 109% Proof, until the daily issue was terminated, on 31st July 1970, known as Black Tot Day.

Alc/Vol: 54.5%
Origin: Guyana
Finish: Long and extremely smooth finish despite its high alcohol content
Colour: Clear, dark, coppery amber with burnished copper highlights
Nose: Molasses, Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon and mild ginger

Press Release: Pusser's Rum Launches Gunpowder Proof Spiced


Gunpowder Proof Spiced