Pornstar Martini with Steve the Barman

About Steve the Barman

Steve the Barman has been a cocktail bartender for over 25 years. He now shares his cocktail lessons and entertainment on his YouTube channel, website, and by hosting cocktail making classes around the Cambridge area. Steve makes entertaining, comedic, and informational cocktail videos just like this Pusser's Pornstar video. 

He claimed his name, "Steve the Barman" back in 1999, and has since grown his following to thousands of fans, and over eight-hundred happy customers!

Pusser's Gunpowder Spiced

Prior to the introduction of the Sikes Hydrometer, in 1816, the ship’s Purser, or “Pusser”, tested the strength of the daily issue by mixing neat rum, with a little water, to which was added a few gunpowder grains. When the mixture was heated through a burning glass, the gunpowder ignited, and the rum was served at that strength. When the method was tested by hydrometer, it was found to be 109% proof {54.5% ABV}. Consequently, the Pusser’s rum remained at “Gunpowder” strength, 109% Proof, until the daily issue was terminated, on 31st July 1970, known as Black Tot Day.

Alc/Vol: 54.5%
Origin: Guyana
Finish: Long and extremely smooth finish despite its high alcohol content
Colour: Clear, dark, coppery amber with burnished copper highlights
Nose: Molasses, Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon and mild ginger