Pusser’s Rum Portfolio

Pusser’s Rum has been labeled by the editors of Forbes magazine as
“The single malt of rum” and named “One of the ten best rums in the world.”

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bottle blue label

Pusser's Rum Original Admiralty Blend (Blue Label)

Pusser’s Blue Label is a Royal Navy style rum inspired by the Admiralty’s blending recipe  last used when the Royal Navy discontinued its daily ration on 31 July 1970.

Alc/Vol: 42% (U.S.A.) / 40% (International)

Color: Clear, dark amber

Nose: Classic Demerara sugar, molasses, dried fruits, island spices, and caramel

Body: Full, round and perfect for cocktails

Finish: Long finish with a mild spicy burn

Difford’s Guide Rating: 4/5

bottle gunpowder

Pusser's Rum Gunpowder Proof (Black Label)

Pusser’s ‘Gunpowder Proof’ is a traditional Royal Navy style rum produced at original Admiralty strength and in accordance with the Admiralty’s blending recipe last used when the Royal Navy discontinued its daily ration on 31 July 1970.

Gunpowder Proof: Prior to the invention of the hydrometer, the Royal Navy ship’s “Pusser” shutdown claims of watering down sailors’ daily tots by dousing a bit of gunpowder in the rum and attempting to light. If the mixture ignited, the rum was “at proof.” If it didn’t, the Pusser might find himself tossed to sea.

Alc/Vol: 54.5%

Color: Clear, dark coppery amber with burnished copper highlights

Nose: Pungent molasses, treacle, toffee, honey and vanilla with oak, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger

Body: Full-bodied with a more enhanced flavour profile than the lower proof Blue Label

Finish: Long finish, and despite its strength, smooth and mellow

Difford’s Guide Rating: 4.5/5

bottle shot overproof

Pusser's Rum Overproof (Green Label)

Pusser’s Overproof is a high-strength dark rum. While the rum is produced with the same blend of rums as the Original Admiralty strength, the final product is a potent blend best used as a ‘floater’ on top of cocktails including tropical and classic tiki drinks.

Alc/Vol: 75%

*Availability is limited to Germany


Pusser's Rum Aged 15 Years

Forbes magazine called it the “Single Malt of Rum,” we call it “Liquid History.” Pusser’s True-Aged 15 Year Rum is crafted in small batches.  It is a superb, coveted and limited 15 year aged rum that continues to win awards and accolades amongst peers.

Alc/Vol: 40%

ORIGIN: Guyana
COLOR: Dark Amber
NOSE: Classic Demerara Sugar, Molasses Dried Fruits, Island Spices and Caramel
BODY: Full and Round. Ideal for sipping
FINISH: Warm, Smooth, Long and Memorable
All Natural: No Artificial Flavors or Colors and Gluten Free
Pusser’s is all rum, nothing else

Difford’s Guide Rating: 5/5


Pusser's Rum Spiced

Pusser’s Rum Spiced is the newest to the Pusser’s range. Flavoured with a blend of locally sourced Caribbean spices steeped in Caribbean rum over 7 days.

Alc/Vol: 35%

Color: Clear, dark amber

Nose: This lively, aromatic spiced rum first provides distinct notes of fresh culinary ginger and cinnamon, followed by layers of orange zest and baking spices such as nutmeg and allspice

Body: Surprisingly smooth with ginger heat

Difford’s Guide Rating: 5/5