U.S. Naval Aviation Decanter

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This beautiful one-liter decanter has been commissioned to commemorate the U.S. Navy's 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation. It has been individually hand cast from porcelain and hand decorated using glass colored inks that have been permanently fired into the ceramic at temperatures approaching 1600F. The design will not fade or wear with time.

Each of the decorative elements is of historical significance. Of special interest is the decanter's underside on which the name of every USN aircraft carrier and almost every naval squadrons' designation is listed. The bottom, a painting by Stan Stokes, depicts SBD-3 Dauntless dive bombers rolling into their dive as they attack the Japanese Fleet at the critical Battle of Midway in 1942.

Around the base are 20 aircraft covering the period from the early days to the present, including bi-planes, props, jet, multi engine and rotary, and even a dirigible. Encircling the base of the decanter 's neck are the more famous flags of the American Revolution and the Continental Navy, some of which are still flown today on auspicious occasions.

*Please note: Due to liquor laws and restrictions, this decanter is sold empty.