Jamaican Me Crazy


Jamaican Me Crazy


Jamaican Me Crazy


Find Pussers Rum Near YouThis drink credited to Charles Tobias in the BVI in honor of his many Jamaican friends attending a party at his house in 1998.on Tortola.


Shake with ice

2 oz Pusser’s Rum

½ oz coconut rum

½  oz sweet vermouth

2 oz passion fruit Juice

juice fresh from ½ lime

Strain and pour into a highball glass filled with ice. Float 3 or 4 dashes Angostura bitters on top, and the expended lime shell.


The little ditty he wrote to go with the drink for the evening goes like this:


I said, we said, he said, she said

“Jamaican Me Crazy”!

What did you do?

We said, he said, she said, I said

You drank dat Jamaican Me Crazy-

Pusser’s Rum wid Passion Fruit Brew.

And it do

what a “Jamaican Me Crazy’s”

supposed to do!

It’s “Jamaican You Crazy”,

an’ lookin’ at you

is “Jamaican Me Crazy” too!

So if I’m  Jamaican you Crazy

wid my “Jamaican Me  Crazy”

What am I goin’ to do?

I’m gonna’ give you a hug,

get down on de rug

An’ gonna get crazy wid you!