Pusser's Spiced Rum

Pusser's Spiced Rum

The Story

Drawing from its rich Caribbean heritage, Pusser’s Spiced Rum is the perfect blend of rum steeped with locally sourced Caribbean spices.  Enjoy its distinctly smooth flavor neat or in a deliciously refreshing cocktail.  We like to think that “Rum is Fun,” and this one has no boundary.


The Blend

Rum steeped to perfection with locally sourced Caribbean Spices creates a delightfully complex and layered spiced rum.


Sensory Notes

The color is a rich golden amber. This lively, aromatic spiced rum first provides distinct notes of fresh culinary ginger and cinnamon, followed by layers of orange zest and baking spices such as nutmeg and allspice. Pusser’s Spiced Rum is not a typical spiced rum and has been crafted with great care resulting in a spiced rum of superb quality.