What the Experts Are Saying

What the Experts Are Saying

“The new Pussers 15 is a tasty drop of Navy Rum. A little dryer and slightly spicier than before.” – Ian Burrell


Pusser’s Rum hosted a tasting panel for our new 15 Year Old Product at Laki Kane in London on a Friday evening in September.

At this event were 7 leading UK based rum and spirits experts. The 15 year old was well received and enjoyed!

These are some of the general comments that we heard at the tasting panel:

  • A very ‘grown up’ rum compared to the old 15 Year Old
  • Great nose, great aroma.
  • Taste lingered a lot longer than the previous product
  • Much better for the rum connoisseur / rum expert
  • ‘Pure Rum’ – no ‘added sugar’ taste
  • Definitely worth a price increase
  • Premium rum is as good as premium whiskey
  • Just like premium whiskey, there is a shortage of aged rums in the world

 We here at Pusser’s Rum are very excited about out limited addition true aged 15 year old rum