The 4 Most Satisfying Ways to Enjoy Pusser’s Rum


As we all know, there’s no wrong way to drink rum – but some methods are more gratuitously satisfying than others. Here are our favourite ways to imbibe on the classic Pusser’s Rum.

Served Neat

“Neat” is a term used for rum served without water. Dram is a Royal Navy speak for a neat rum ration.

The traditional way to serve Pusser’s is neat and in a dram. This way, you can enjoy the depth of the bold aromas and flavours in delectable detail. Thanks to its complex and illustrious flavour palate, Pusser’s an excellent sipping rum to savour on its own.

We proudly serve Pusser’s Rum Naturally full and rich with no flavouring agents used.

As a Grog


Grog is known as the original cocktail, pure liquid history.

Global Rum Ambassador, Ian Burrell, explains, “the Grog is such a key rum cocktail, its history and heritage make it really important in the rum scene. It’s such an easy and simple drink to make, but tastes great.” Check out this video of Ian Burrell making a Pusser’s Grog in Antartica.

Pussers’s Grog Recipe

2 parts water

  • 1 part Pusser’s Rum
  • Lime juice to taste
  • Dark cane sugar to taste

In a Premium Pusser’s Rum Cake

pussers rum cake

What better way to savour Pusser’s, than by eating it? This delicious dessert is perfect for the holidays, special occasions, or sending one as a gift to let someone know you’re thinking about them.

Not only is the rum cake baked with love using the original, old world recipe and lots of Pusser’s, but the collectible tin it arrives in features a hand-painted design, gold embossed lettering, and nautical elements. There’s even a full map of the British Virgin Islands on the bottom.

Purchase your rum cake online.

With a Cocktail

dark rum cocktail recipeIf served neat or in a grog isn’t your drinking style, Pusser’s is a great complement to many cocktails and libations. We have a list of our favourite cocktail recipes and we also love pinning our cocktail recipes on Pinterest as well!


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