Royal Navy Rum Toasts For Every Day of the Week


These traditional Royal Navy toasts will give you a reason to raise your rum glass every day.


royal navy rum toast

Just in case you needed an excuse to drink more rum.

Here at Pusser’s, we’re firm believers that each day is a gift, so why not celebrate the occasion? As the original rum of the Royal Navy, we’re always looking for ways to apply their time-honoured traditions to everyday life, including their slang language (known as Jack Speak). One of their most cherished traditions is a list of drinking toasts for each day of the week. The original toasts were as follows:

Sunday – To absent friends.
Monday – To our ships at sea.
Tuesday – To our men.
Wednesday – To ourselves.
Thursday – A bloody war or sickly season.
Friday – A willing foe and sea room.
Saturday – Our wives and sweethearts. (May they never meet)

pussers rum black tot day

Needless to say, these traditional toasts are bit outdated for current times. In 2013, the Ministry of Defence announced that there would be some changes made to the traditional toasts in order to better represent the Navy’s culture. Tuesday’s toast was changed from “Our men” to “Our sailors,” a change which the Ministry of Defence said reflected the fact that women had served in the Navy for over two decades. Saturday’s toast was also changed from “Our wives and sweethearts” to “Our families.” These changes occurred under the order of Second Sea Lord, Vice-Admiral David Steel.

Traditionally, these toasts were held after dinner in wardrooms. Today, these toasts are often had at special Royal Navy occasions and mess dinners and are often led by the youngest officer present at the event. However, these toasts can be had any time, any day.

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