Pusser’s Rum Fans: We Want You


Have a Pusser’s story? Tell us about it.

Glass Of Whiskey With Ice Cubes Near Bottle On Wood Table, Warm

With a history dating back to the days of “wooden ships and iron men,” Pusser’s Rum is close to many people’s hearts. Throughout the years, we’ve heard countless stories of how the “sea’s best-kept secret” got men and women through the best of times and the worst of times. Now, we want to share these stories with the world.

Do you have a personal connection to Pusser’s Rum? Maybe you or a family member served in the Navy, or your family has fond memories of sipping Pusser’s Painkillers under the palms of the British Virgin Islands. Whatever your story is, we want to hear about it. Think you’ve got something worth sharing? Send an email to Daniela at DWeinapple@pussersrum.com with some brief details to get started. You could be featured on pussersrum.com.

We’ll talk to you soon. Up Spirits!

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