The BSC was founded in 1994 as a distribution partner and wholesaler for the German specialised trade and has been supplying a large part of the German trade landscape with spirits, sparkling wine and wine of all kinds ever since. The BSC supplies the German specialised trade with spirits of all kinds and cooperates with all well-known German importers and producers. The motto of the BSC is “Everything from a single source”. The delivery usually takes place within 24 hours.
Since 2003, the BSC has built up a second main pillar as a general importer and since then has developed into an award-winning importer of exclusive brands. The focus here is on brand development. The motivated team of exclusive brands has grown strongly in recent years and today distributes brands such as Douglas Laing, Rum Malecon, Rum A. H. Riise, Limoncello di Capri, Writers Tears, Paul John, Pampelle and many more. In addition to the presence in the specialized trade, the availability in the on-trade was also greatly expanded. A brand like Pusser’s Rum is a highlight for our on-trade work.
 What does this partnership mean to BSC in Germany?
Pusser’s is back! We have invested massively in on-trade work in recent years. A brand like Pusser’s Rum is a perfect fit. A piece of fluent history and an absolute classic at every bar. We want to expand the brand further in the on-trade and bring it back to the specialist trade.
Where are your top accounts or key accounts we could let people know where to find  Pusser’s Rum?
Pusser’s Bar Munich
Lemon Lounge Bremen
How does BSC Bremen plan to create buzz around Pusser’s Rum ? Or what is your vision?
At the beginning we focus strongly on the bar classic par excellence: Pusser’s Painkiller. We also want to convince the bartenders of the quality of Pusser’s and encourage them to mix other drinks with Pusser’s as well. We will work the market with our full-time brand ambassadors on-trade. The focus is on the markets in Munich, Bavaria, Stuttgart, Baden-Würtemberg, Bremen, Hanover and Berlin.
From 2019 we will also retell the Pusser’s story in the Specialist Press and to the specialist trade.
What trends are you seeing in Germany in the drinks industry?
Craft Spirits, Gin, Rum, Classic Cocktails but also “sweet drinks”. Pusser’s is one of the fist Craft Spirits and with the Painkiller we kind of attract the “sweet drinkers”.