Liverpool Loves Cocktails x Pusser’s Rum



Liverpool loves cocktails

Liverpool Loves Cocktails is a week-long event in which over 35 venues will participate. Pusser’s Rum has partnered with ALOHA, Liverpool’s original tiki bar! ALOHA will feature an exclusive Pusser’s Rum cocktail menu and special events each night. Check it all out below.

Schedule of Events:
Monday 18th September: Explore all things tiki with Georgia Radev of Mahiki, London. Georgi will present a masterclass on the history of tiki and tiki drinks. The official launch party will begin at 8pm.
Tuesday 19th September: Soggy Dollar “Full Moon” Tribute Party party starting at 8pm. This will be a tribute to the legendary bar and birthplace of the Pusser’s Painkiller that was destroyed in Hurricane Irma.
Thursday 21st September: Head to ALOHA for a Pusser’s Rum brand talk and a sip through liquid history. The full range will be tasted! Hosted by Peter Thornton
Sunday 24th September: Industry Ping Pong tournament. Knock out rules apply! This starts at 6pm, and the main prizes will be bottles of Pusser’s Rum!