How to Honor Black Tot Day



Black Tot Day, 31 July 1970, was was the day when the Royal Navy seized their issuing of rum rations to its sailors.
Before this, sailors would receive a daily tot and they would all gather up on deck when they
heard the call, “Up Spirits!”. Here’s how you can commemorate Black Tot Day. 

1. Hit a rum bar
If you truly want to immerse yourself in rum-infused food and drinks, then a rum bar is where you want to be. Check here for a local Black Today Day party. 

 2. Find a Black Tot Day Party
Our corporate headquarters is in located in the Holy City, Charleston, SC.
If you’re local, join our BTD Crawl. We’ll be crawling the triangle to three of our favorite spots in Charleston to find Pusser’s. 
Each restaurant will prepare its version of the Painkiller™ and a specialty Pusser’s Rum™ Cocktail!
Win a commemorative Black Tot Triangle T-shirt. Prizes and passed appetizers at each location!

3. Learn to swear like a sailor . . .  
Or at least learn a few phrases from on board.
The salty sea dogs of yore were known for their colorful language and seafaring vocabulary.
This Black Tot Day, pay them homage by expanding your sailor speak. 

4. Swig rum in front of the telly 
If you’re looking for films featuring the days of wooden ships and iron men, you can’t go wrong with these Navy flicks.

5. Summer Reading
“A well-researched account of a special aspect of British Navy life” – Llyoyd’s List
Nelson’s Blood – The Story of Naval Rum by Captain James Pack Obe Rn is the perfect choice to wet your palette.  

6. Up Spirits!
Get your shipmates together and make the original cocktail, grog.
Grog has been coined the world’s first cocktail.
Our Gunpowder Proof recipe and other Black Tot Day cocktail ideas are sure to get you in the spirit of the day!