Cane Rhum Bar: Charleston, SC


Cane Rhum Bar is the FIRST and ONLY rum bar in Charleston and they opened their doors in August 2016 with over 100 rums on the shelf, and have been serving up Caribbean-inspired dishes and a great selection of expertly crafted rum cocktails ever since.

This food has the soul of home cooked meals but elevated through technique and presentation. Growing up in the Caribbean, owner Paul Yellin is a “rum drinker with a cooking problem”    

A  well-traveled chef for over 22 years, Paul has focused his love of rum and spicy food into this concept that he is excited to share in one of the original RUM TOWNS of America .

Join CANE Rhum Bar for an evening of tropical fun and have a stay-cation right in Charleston SC. Check out their website for more info!

The Pusser’s Painkiller®

Have an authentic Painkiller cocktail at Cane Rhum Bar! A smooth and delicious blend of pineapple, orange and coconut with varying amounts of Pusser’s Rum give the Painkiller® its unique flavor. It truly can be described as the iconic island cocktail. From humble beginnings on the sandy beaches of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) the Painkiller® has enjoyed a steady growth in popularity and has become a regular feature on bar menus around the globe. For many years, bartenders and enthusiasts alike have helped to promote the popularity of this legendary cocktail, and today, it is steadily becoming a modern classic!”T