Autumn Crafted Cocktails

Autumn Crafted Cocktails
Headless Horseman  aka Halloween Painkiller
2 oz Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof
1 oz Real Pumpkin Puree
1/2 oz Real Coconut Cream
2 oz Pineapple Juice
2 dashes Bittermen’s Tiki bittets
Combine all in a shaker with ice – shake and strain into a double rocks glass over ice.  Garnish with fresh grated nutmeg and lime peel, then serve.

Bombu –  a classic Navy Style Rum Old Fashioned

2 oz Gunpowder Proof
barspoon rich cinnamon syrup
2 dashes each angostura and cardamom bitters
Fresh grated nutmeg
Build in a rocks glass and add ice.   Stir to chill, garnish with fresh grated nutmeg, then serve.
Corsair –  a Wintery rum sour
2 oz Pusser’s Blue Label
3/4 oz ginger syrup
3/4 oz lime juice
1/4 oz pimento dram
Candied ginger, for garnish
Combine all in a shaker with ice.   Shake and strain into a chilled rocks glass over ice, add bitters and garnish with candied ginger on a skewer, then serve.