Rum Fun Facts and Trivia

Rum Fun Facts and Trivia

Rum is known as the spirit that the Royal Navy and pirates drank in the Caribbean. Rum can turn a party upside down and leave a sweet taste in your mouth when mixed with exotic flavors of other liquids and beverages. It is best described in this quote by Lord Byron “There’s nought no doubt so much the spirit calms as rum and true religion.”

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Rum is unique and ageless, although it has made a splash with most people who indulge in the refreshing liquor. However, it has a history – a life of its own and definitely can be attributed to many a comical story.


Do you want to know some fun facts about rum? Here is some rum trivia and fun facts:

  • Rum Facts – Rum was manufactured, distilled, and made long before any other spirit. It’s history is a vast one filled with stories, and fables. It was the first branded spirit made.
  • Rum Facts – Rations of rum were given to sailors in the Royal Navy to be mixed with lime juice because it fought off the scurvy.
  • Rum Trivia – When wealthy titles were given to parsons, they were thanked with a glass of rum.
  • Rum Trivia – In Australia, the rum hospital can recognize rum as it as its chief contributor of revenues that were generated via the rum exports they were known for.
  • Rum Facts – Triangular trade was introduced as slaves were traded for rum, sugars, and other items that were all carrying missionaries- this was known as ‘rum and bible.’
  • Rum Facts – The infamous Admiral Nelson that died in the Battle of Tralfager, had his body preserved in a cask of rum before it was laid to rest.
  • Rum Trivia – One of the famous drinks known as a rum sour was created in Barbados and served in a conch shell.
  • Rum Trivia – More than 80 percent of the world’s rum sources originate in Puerto Rico. This is because of the sugar cane that is used in the product that comes from the area as well.
  • Rum Facts – Extended barrel aging of rum can produce a darker color due to the way it is aged in the wooden casks and barrels.
  • Rum Trivia – Twelve million gallons of rum were consumed annually by the early colonists.
  • Rum Facts – The ration of rum that was given to the sailors of the Royal Navy was often referred to as a “tot o’ rum.”

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Rum Trivia – Inventive names for rum:

  • Barbados water
  • Rumbullion
  • Grog
  • Kill-devil
  • Pirates drink
  • Nelson’s blood
  • Rum bastion
  • Navy neaters
  • Splice the main brace
  • Demon water

So there are your interesting rum facts and rum trivia for the day. Do you know some fun facts or trivia that we didn’t mention? Comment below and let us know!