Pusser’s Rum and Black Tot Day – a Brief History

Pusser’s Rum and Black Tot Day – a Brief History

Did You Know? A Brief History of Pusser’s Rum and Black Tot Day

Sip on this brief nautical history to impress your friends at the bar or trivia night.

pussers rum black tot day

Pusser’s Rum is the only rum blended in exact accordance with the Royal Navy specification which was first served in 1655 and became regular practice by 1731.

Pusser’s was last served on board a Royal Navy ship on 31 July, 1970 when it discontinued its daily ration – thereby ending a tradition that lasted over 300 years.

This day would be come to be known as Black Tot Day.

On that infamous day, sailors commemorated the historical event in many different ways; some held elaborate ceremonies, and others threw their final rum rations overboard into the sea.

Each year since, Pusser’s Rum, The Official Navy Rum, celebrates this final salute with celebrations all over the world.