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5 Holiday Gifts for the Pusser’s Rum Fan

There’s a Pusser’s Rum gift for everyone on your list. Article by: Daniela Weinapple It’s the “most wonderful time of the year,” again, or as we like to call it, the most *RUMderful* time of the year (see what we did there?). Whichever way you phrase it, the holiday season is officially upon us, and …


How Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Rum Got Its Name

Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Rum is the only original, authentic rum of the Royal Navy. Here’s the story behind its name. by: Daniela Weinapple In the “days of wooden ships and iron men,” the British Royal Navy issued a daily rum ration to all sailors, known as the “tot”. The officer in charge of doling out the daily …


Pusser’s Bar and Grille Charity Rum Tasting

  Pusser’s Bar and Grille will be holding a rum tasting on Thursday, November 17th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. EST to benefit Ponte Vedra’s ‘Birdies for the Brave Foundation’, a military outreach initiative proudly supported by the PGA Tour. This event will be held in the new Pusser’s ‘Rum Room’ and will feature over 40 premium …


Royal Navy Rum Toasts For Every Day of the Week

These traditional Royal Navy toasts will give you a reason to raise your rum glass every day.   Just in case you needed an excuse to drink more rum. by Daniela Weinapple Here at Pusser’s, we’re firm believers that each day is a gift, so why not celebrate the occasion? As the original rum of the …


3 Warm Pusser’s Rum Drinks to Soothe Your Spirits

Soothe your spirits with a splash of Pusser’s in your mug. These warm Pusser’s Rum drink recipes are perfect for cooler weather. by Daniela Weinapple The weather is getting colder, and we’re craving something “cozier” than an ice-cold Pusser’s Painkiller or refreshing tiki cocktail. Nothing soothes the soul quite like a warm, toasty drink served …


Pusser’s Rum Nelson’s Blood Cocktail

This Pusser’s cocktail is bloody good for a bloody good time. Did you know?: Legend has it that after the Battle of Trafalgar, Royal Navy sailors drank Pusser’s Rum from a barrel containing Admiral Lord Nelson’s body on their journey back to England, hence the nickname “Nelson’s Blood” that is commonly used for Pusser’s Rum. …


5 Ways to Enjoy Rum: The Most Versatile Spirit

What sets rum apart from other spirits? For starters, its versatility. by Daniela Weinapple We’re big proponents of rum around here (though we may be a little biased). Rum is a stand-out spirit, and the list of reasons why is arguably endless. One of the many reason we love rum is that it’s one of …


Liverpool Loves Cocktails x Pusser’s Rum

  Liverpool Loves Cocktails is a week-long event in which over 35 venues will participate. Pusser’s Rum has partnered with ALOHA, Liverpool’s original tiki bar! ALOHA will feature an exclusive Pusser’s Rum cocktail menu and special events each night. Check it all out below. Schedule of Events: Monday 18th September: Explore all things tiki with …


Hurricane Irma Update from Pusser’s Rum President & CEO

An update on Hurricane Irma from Pusser’s Rum President & CEO, Gary Rogalski: Charles Tobias, retired founder of Pusser’s Rum, and owner Pusser’s British West Indies LTD, operator of three Pusser’s restaurants at West End, Road Town and Marina Cay, as well as a stand alone retail store located at Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda, reported …


Pusser’s Rum Recap: Tiki Oasis 2017

Tiki Oasis is one of our favorite U.S. tiki events, and this year was better than ever before. Check out some photos from the event below to hold you over until next year. Mahalo!     Photos by: Monika & Slicky