Pusser’s Rum Uckers World Championship 2019

Dave Clark, left, from Southsea and Philip 'Wally' Blagden, right, from Hayling Island who are the current uckers world champions. Picture: Malcolm Wells (191002-5525)

For over 80 years, armed forces personnel have sat down during their breaks and meals with a board game to pass the time.
Their game of choice? Uckers.

What is Uckers?

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, Uckers is usually played with two players; if four players take part, the players seated opposite of each other play as partners. At first glance, the game board looks similar to Ludo, with the objective being to get all four pieces home before your opponent does. However, Uckers has many additional rules, which requires far more strategy than your average game of Ludo. For example, a blob can be created by placing two or more of your pieces on the same square, which creates a barrier for your opponent.

Where did Uckers originate?

Although all branches of the armed forces play Uckers frequently, it gained it’s popularity through the Royal Navy. The very first official record of uckers being played is in 1937, with a diary by EJF Records referring to a game of ‘huckers’. The rules of the game are even outlined in official naval regulations! Uckers is still frequently played on board warships today, and the HMS Queen Elizabeth even has it’s own personalized Uckers board complete with the ship’s crest engraved into it.

Uckers World Championship

On Saturday, October 26th, 2019 the fifth Uckers World Championship will be held in Gosport, with a bottle of our very own 15-year-old Pusser’s Rum as the main prize. The championship will be played in pairs, with people able to pair up with people on the day. Each round will be a knockout before an eventual winner is found, giving people bragging rights. Anyone who is interested in playing in the Uckers World Championship can simply turn up to the event on the day. Play will commence at 11am, and is expected to run until 2pm.