Navy Slang Phrases from the Past We Want to Bring Back


Navy Slang 101: Here are some Navy phrases we want to start using again.

Ever heard the Navy terms “Goffa” or “Rum Rat”?

The Royal Navy has a language of its own, known to sailors as “Jack Speak.” We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Navy Slang phrases that we think need to return to every day conversation. The next time you’re trying to find the right words to say, just turn to some Jack Speak phrases to get your point across.

TO SWALLOW THE ANCHOR – To leave the Navy for good – implying that one has no further use for the implement one has trusted for so long.

How to use it today: When you quit your job and never step foot in that office again.

TO BLEED THE MONKEY – To extract rum from its barrel by boring a small hole in the barrel.

How to use it today: Pouring the bottle of Pusser’s upside down to get every last drop of Pusser’s Navy Rum perfection.

ICERS – A term used to describe something very cold, usually a drink served cold with ice.

How to use it today: Ordering a tot of Pusser’s Rum on the rocks.

ALL Hands In “All hands in” refers to everybody on board. Usually when completing a task that needs many men at once.

How to use it today: Gathering your mates for a shot together

RUM Rat – Describes one in the older days of wooden ships who had a good nose for where extra rum might be aboard a ship, and who was seeking an extra tot or two.

How to use it today: A complimentary term to describe a rum lover who appreciates the authenticity of the spirit!

GOFFA – A non-alcoholic drink

How to use it today: Don’t. What’s the point?

And there you have it! A few Navy Slang Phrases we’d like to bring back into rotation. Because let’s face it, it’s more fun to Jack-Speak anyway. What are your favorite Jack Speak phrases? Let us know on Facebook.