Meet Pusser’s Rum Bartender on Deck Wes West

Wes West of Fleet Landing in Charleston, South Carolina.

Biggest achievement you personally feel you have accomplished for the spirits industry?
I am the first beverage director of Fleets Landing. It started out that we just threw together a cocktail list and then little by little we began to focus on craft cocktails

What made you fall in love with spirits and when did it happen?
Over the past few years I’ve begun to develop a palate for different flavors and collaborations. It’s awesome thing and it’s a craft that I dig! Plus, I like alcohol and the way it makes me feel.

What is that thing that makes you want to continue in the spirits industry?
The industry is rapidly changing and there is so much developing with creative cocktails and craft, that it keeps me exciting and always wanting to learn more.

What 3-5 things do you have in your bucket list for the next 12 months?
Stop growing so many grey hairs, get my kid potty trained, and get a whole new beer, wine and cocktail list for Fleet Landing.

How can people learn more about you? Website? Social Media Page?
Head over to www.fleetlanding.net or stop by and check us out!


The Funky Cold Medina:
1.5 oz Coconut Infused Vodka
1 oz Pusser’s Rum
Homemade Vanilla Simple Syrup
Tart Cherry Juice
Squeeze some Lime and Shake