Meet Pusser’s Rum Bartender on Deck Miles Walk


Miles Long Walk of Victory in Atlanta, Georgia

Tell us about yourself. What’s your background?

I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I moved back to Atlanta after graduating from the University of Oregon. I had trouble finding the type of job I thought I was supposed to have as a recent graduate with a business degree, so I got a job as a bar back. I figured I would do that until I found a “real job.” I started getting really into the bar I worked at and wanted to learn as much as possible. The first time the bar manager asked me if I wanted to bartend I told him no because I didn’t think I would be any good at it. I eventually decided to give it a shot, and have loved every minute of it since.

What’s your favorite Pusser’s cocktail?

My favorite Pusser’s cocktail is a classic daiquiri with a 50/50 split of Pusser’s Blue Label and the Gunpowder Proof. Super simple but delicious nonetheless.

Pussers Daiquiri

Miles’ Gunpowder Proof Daiquiri

1 oz Pusser’s Blue Label
1 oz Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof
1 oz lime juice
.5 oz simple syrup

What are your thoughts on rum? Why choose rum over another spirit?

I really started getting into rum in the last year or so. It is such a versatile spirit that it can be enjoyed in so many ways. My dad has a pretty extensive collection of rum and it’s fun to get together with him and try new stuff.

What do you think the future holds for the rum industry?

I think that rum is going to make a big come up in the near future. With so many different styles, it has endless applications in cocktail creating.

What inspires you when creating cocktails?

I get inspired by making cocktails that get people trying new things. My favorite two ways to do this are by either combining a unique ingredient with a more well-known spirit, or a unique spirit with a more approachable base.

What is your greatest achievement in the spirits industry so far?

My greatest achievement in the spirit industry has been bar managing at Victory. It is so much fun to work around people who are so dedicated and to see us grow creatively as a bar and company.

Any fun facts? Hobbies?

My full name is Miles Long Walk. I also used to throw the hammer in college.

How can people get a hold of you?

I’m not much into the social media, but if you want to see a bunch of pictures of my dog you can check out my Instagram @mileswalk