Meet Pusser’s Rum Bartender on Deck Massimiliano Bosio

Massimiliano Bosio of Floridita in London, England.

It was in 2008 in London when Bosio began working in Floridita and discovered that, not only does he love the high paced nature of working behind a bar, from customer interaction to developing cocktails, he really loves rum! “That’s why I count myself very lucky to have been able to spend the past 6 years working with the best selection of rums in the UK,” explains Bosio.

The Floridita is an amazing Latin Venue that blend perfectly the South American and Caribbean Vibe with the American/English bartending skills. A unique place: Floridita is at the same time a fine dining restaurant, an amazing cocktail lounge, a live music venue and an elegant Latin club. Check it out at: www.floriditalondon.com

When asked what draws him to Pusser’s Rum, Bosio explained, ” It would have to be the history; it’s fun and has a lot of character to it. There are only a few rums available on the market that can compare. The blend of spirits from different countries, and the use of wood still, gives an amazing flavor that adds an undeniable “Pusser’s” kick to any recipe.”

The Navy Swizzle:
Large shot of Pusser’s blue navy rum
swizzle Pusser’s spiced (finally on market)
a dash of 75.5% dark rum.
Add at the mix: Absinth, triple sec, Home made Falernum, angostura bitter, a bit of sugar and a lot of lime juice.
Refreshing and with an amazing extra kick.
Serve with crushed ice
Garnished with a flamed lime husk and burned cinnamon