Meet Pusser’s Rum Bartender on Deck Everson Rawlins aka “Casper”

Everson Rawlins aka “Casper” of Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina in The British Virgin Islands.

Everson Rawlins was hired as a bartender at Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina in November 2011. He is known throughout the private island resort as “Casper”. The story goes, as a child, Everson used to help his grandmother make “Homemade Rum”. One day, little Everson pilfered some of grandma’s supply to practice his own version of… ahem, “distribution.” Everson’s school principal, Mr. Willtry, caught wind of the scheme and set up a dragnet to catch him. Everson successfully eluded Mr. Willtry, and a possible juvenile record! The next day, Mr. Willtry confronted a “rum free” Everson and after some stern counseling, dubbed him “Casper,” because of his “ghostly” skills of evading capture. Today, Everson channels his powers into creating imaginative cocktails to the delight of our guests at Scrub Island Resort. Talk about a friendly ghost!

Pusser’s Rum Scrub Island Flirt :

Muddle cucumber.
Add all remaining ingredients in a shaker.
Shake vigorously for five seconds.
Pour over ice garnish with orange and cucumber slices.