Meet Pusser’s Rum Bartender on Deck Anja Rubin



Anja Rubin of Trailer Happiness in London, England.

Tell me about yourself.

I’m from Switzerland originally. I came to England first of as a nanny, and after leaving that position I went on to work my way up through the London bar industry, now finding myself as head bartender at Trailer Happiness. I love the industry, the people you meet and work with, the passion for flavor, and the energy of a good night behind a bar with good spirits.

What’s your favourite rum drink?

My favourite rum cocktail is called the Getaway. It’s complex, sexy, and delicious, as the name says. It takes you away to another place.

The Getaway:
40ml Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Rum
25ml Lemon
15ml Cynar
15ml Cane Sugar Syrup

Please tell me about your personal connection to rum. Why choose rum over another spirit?

Rum is like a liquid spice cabinet, with alcohol. Another one of my favourite things is cooking, and I see working with rum behind the bar the same way. You can mix three different rums together in a cocktail and pull through flavours of fruits from mango to raisin or spicy notes from peppercorn through to pimento and everything in between. There’s a big depth of flavor profile across the range of rums I’ve tried that I struggle to find in another spirit category.

What do you think the future holds for the rum industry?

I think that rum as a spirit is constantly moving forward. Here we’re getting more and more guests trying different rum’s from the back bar, and lots of people attending the Rum Clubs we put on. Added to that is the bounty of good rums already on the market and also the steady flow of new and exciting rums being released, along with new rum oriented cocktail bars and pop ups. The scene around rum is stronger than ever.

What inspires you creatively when it comes to making drinks?

Anything from a name, a guest, a story (preferably with pirates) or visiting other bars to see what their bartenders are doing. Nearly everything can inspire me.

Please tell me about your greatest achievement in relation to the spirits industry.

I have a few things I’m proud of but winning a special mention at Patron Perfectionist for my first cocktail competition, opening the Ivy Chelsea Garden and having some of my cocktails put on the house menu at Trailer Happiness are what I’m most happy about.

Any other interesting facts? Hobbies? Special talents?

Cooking/creating new things such as tinctures, syrups, and oils that I use in my bar or at home. I also enjoy other cultures, hiking /nature, and art museums.

How can people learn more about you? (Social media handles, website, etc.)

Facebook: Anja Maria Rubin

Instagram: @anja.rubin