3 Delicious Twists on the Classic Pusser’s Painkiller Recipe


Check out these three upgrades to our classic Pusser’s Painkiller recipe

holy city handcraft blood orange painkiller

The Bloody Dollar by Miguel of Holy City Handcraft

1½ oz (~45 ml) #PussersRum #GunpowderProof
2 oz (~60 ml) Fresh Pineapple Juice
1 oz (~30 ml) Cream of Coconut
1 oz (~30 ml) Fresh Blood Orange Juice
¼ oz (~7 ml) Fresh Lime Juice
2 Dashes Smoked Orange Bitters
Fresh Grated Nutmeg

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in a shaking tin with ice. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Pour and strain over a large glass filled to the brim with crushed ice. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg, a dehydrated blood orange wheel and pineapple fronds. Serve and enjoy!


A Kick to the Coconuts by Stephen Ramos of the Exhibition Room

2-ounces Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Rum
4-ounces Pineapple Juice
1-ounces Mango Juice
1-ounce Cream Of Coconut
1 Pinch Of Cayenne

Build ingredients in a cocktail shaker with just a little ice and vigorously shake. Strain into your drinking vessel with crushed ice and serve!


Walk the Plank by Aneel de Albuquerque and Joseph (JoJo) Fahey of Burwell’s

2 oz Pusser’s Rum
1 tsp frozen Coco Lopez
1/4 oz Citrus Simple Syrup
A dash of Key lime guava bitters
1 oz fresh orange & pineapple juice
Topped with fresh nutmeg and frozen Coco Lopez Benne Wafer

Serve in a martini glass.