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Pusser’s Rum Uckers World Championship 2019

Pusser's Rum Uckers World Championship 2019 Dave Clark, left, from Southsea and Philip 'Wally' Blagden, right, from Hayling Island who are the current uckers world champions. Picture: Malcolm Wells (191002-5525) For over 80 years, armed forces personnel have sat down during their breaks and meals with a board game to pass the time. Their game ...

October’s Featured Cocktails

October's Featured Cocktails As the seasons change, so do our taste for cocktails. Every month we're going to be featuring a few of our favorite seasonal cocktails. Having a Halloween party? Just trying to get into the Halloween spirit with festive drinks? Either way, we've got you covered. Check out this month's featured cocktails, just ...

Trafalgar Day 2019: Photo Contest

Trafalgar Day 2019: Photo Contest Share Your Pusser's Photo for a Chance to Win a Trafalgar Decanter! Trafalgar Day is quickly approaching, so round up your Pusser's gear, grab your camera, and send in your best picture, it's photo contest time! Show us how you're planning to honor Trafalgar Day this year. Every photo entered ...

Pusser’s Rum and Trafalgar Day – A Brief History

Pusser's Rum and Trafalgar Day - A Brief History Every year, we commemorate the Anniversary of Nelson’s great victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, October 21st, 1805. On that day, Great Britain’s Royal Navy won its greatest victory and lost its greatest hero, Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. Although his life was lost, his legacy has ...

Bartender on Deck: Tiki Lindy

Meet Pusser's Bartender on Deck Tiki Lindy Tell us about yourself. What’s your background, and how did you end up as a bartender/mixologist? I started bartending in 2000, in the state I grew up in, Arkansas, to get my way through undergraduate school and then pharmacy school. Never gave it up as it's an extension of ...

San Diego Spirits Festival

San Diego Spirits Festival What is it? We can't wait to participate in the San Diego Spirits Festival this weekend! For those of you who aren't familiar with the festival, San Diego Spirits Festival is a destination event that targets industry insiders, consumer cocktail and culinary lovers alike, it's a nationally acclaimed celebration of cocktail culture and it is ...

Visit the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Visit the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard With 3 ships, 3 submarines, 3 museums, 2 boat excursions and 1 adrenaline-pumping Action Stations, leave nothing discovered as you are taken on an 800-year journey through Britain’s epic story of the Royal Navy and its rich maritime heritage. With the Full Navy Ticket, pay once, visit all year and ...

Celebrating Black Tot Day with Rob’s Rum Guide

Celebrating Black Tot Day with Rob's Rum Guide On the occasion of the last day in July, we celebrate British Royal Navy traditions with a remembrance of Black Tot Day — July 31, 1970 — the infamous day that British sailors were served their last daily ration of rum aboard the ships. Every year on the anniversary ...

Pusser’s Rum and Black Tot Day – a Brief History

The History of Black Tot Day Black Tot Day memorializes the day on which the Royal Navy discontinued its daily rum ration, known as the daily tot, which dated back to 1655. Sip on this brief nautical history to impress your friends at the bar or trivia night. Black Tot Day - A Timeline Rum ...

San Diego Tiki Oasis

San Diego Tiki Oasis What is it? Tiki Oasis, the original and largest Tiki event in the world taking place in San Diego, California. The event will be running from August 7th - August 11th. Celebrations begin Wednesday night at the historic Bali Hai Hotel. As for the rest of the weekend, Thursday - Sunday, ...